Revolution of the wind turbine


The Global Irrigation Project

We all know the wind turbine as an imposing generator of sustainable energy. But to face the world’s crises, such as rising sea levels, starvation and a lack of drinkable water, a revolution is required. The Global Irrigation Project is determined to resolve global warming, by strategically placing wind turbines all over the globe, which will create clouds and enable precipitation. Welcome to a new world. Welcome to a world of rotating cloud creators.

Windmill outside Windmill inside Windmill inside water

From salt to crop in 3 steps

This initiative, from Dutch ground, is based on accelerating nature’s principles. By increasing the formation of cloud decks, both sunlight is blocked, and rainfall in dry, deserted, areas is established.

Clouds are formed by ejecting salt water from nozzles on the turbine, elevating the velocity of the water droplets. The wind speed transforms these into clouds, which will travel landwards. Water eventually falls as precipitation, moistening dry areas, and making them suitable for the growth of vegetation.


Step 1 - Rotation Rotation

Nozzles are located on the wind turbine, ejecting water vapor into the atmosphere. The windspeed turns the salt crystals into aerosols. Moreover, the wind turbines also generates sustainable energy. 

Step 2 - Vaporization Vaporization

In the atmosphere, the water binds to these aerosols, acting as condensation nuclei. Combined, all the particles together form a cloud. The cloud deck blocks the sunlight and floats towards dry area.

Step 3 - Irrigation Irrigation

The water in the clouds eventually comes down as precipitation. This enables vegetation, such as crops, to grow and prosper. With modern machinery, the land can be cultivated, enabling an abundant supply of food. 
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Get involved

Climate change needs to be done together. The Global Irrigation Project is a non-governmental organization with no pursuit of profit. Founded in the country world-famous for its everlasting battle with water. The Netherlands, with its capital 2 meters below sea-level, already accomplished marvels such as the Delta Works and up to 20%, from the sea, reclaimed living area.

Governments, (research) institutions, investors and other companies are more than warmly invited to join this quest for a better world. The principle and idea are captured in a patent, currently pending, but all aspects are still open to further research and many things are still to be resolved. Please reach out to The Global Irrigation Project and contribute your knowledge, efforts, and resources to the world of rotating cloud creators.